Certification + Recertification


In order to be eligible for certification, students must:

  1. Attend a certification course taught through a combination of lectures, discussions and hands-on practice
  2. Pass both written and hands-on skills tests, including participation in a “real world” CPS Check-Up Clinic

Safe Kids Worldwide is the certifying body for the National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program. To register for a course, you must first create an online CPS profile through Safe Kids.

Visit the CPS Certification website for more information on how to become a technician and registering for a certification course.


The certification cycle for both technicians and instructors is two years, and all requirements of the recertification process must be met:

Pre-Registration Requirements:

  1. Verified seat check activity (5 types)
  2. Community education (Select one of the following)
    • Participate in at least 1 two-hour check up event with at least one other CPS Technician
    • Provide at least 4 hours of community education
    • Attend a one hour (minimum) educational session, live or online
  3. Continuing education (6 CEUs)
  4. Certification/Renewal course teaching hours, if an instructor (20 hours)
  5. Registration and recertification payment

Click here for more information about Recertification from the National CPS Certification Program.

Community Education

There are three kinds of community education that can count toward recertification. One option is to attend a one hour (minimum) educational session(s), live or online. The recorded webinars below meets this requirement. There is no quiz (Quizzes are only required for CEU sessions, see below). Community Education is not audited and no proof of completion is provided. After you watch the webinar, enter it in your online profile. You can mix and match to total 1 hour (minimum requirement).

      1. Beyond Inspections: CPS Technicians Teaching Classes (60 min)
      2. CEU Toolkit (15 min) Note: Visual begins at 54 seconds
      3. CPS and Head Start (60 min)
      4. CPS Board and Our Resources (30 min)
      5. Engaging Technicians and Parents (30 min)
      6. Finalizing the CPS Tech Course (30 min)
      7. Lead Instructors: Before and After a Cert Course (45 min)
      8. Lead Instructors: During a Cert Course (35 min)
      9. Mentoring Makes Us All Stronger (30 min)
      10. Microaggressions: A mini webinar on tiny insults and dismissals (20 min)
      11. Providing Feedback (40 min)
      12. Safe Sleep and CPS: Recommendations and Policies (60 min)
      13. Tech Assistant or Course Assistant: There is a Difference (20 min)
      14. Understanding Bias: A Guide to Working with Caregivers from Other Cultures (60 min)
      15. Understanding Heatstroke (50 min)
      16. Using Technology Curbside (30 min)
      17. Working with Adult Learners (60 min)

Online CEU Sessions and Quizzes

To earn online continuing education units (CEUs) available below, technicians must carefully review session materials and pass the corresponding quiz by answering eight out of ten questions correctly. Technicians may earn one CEU for each quiz passed per certification cycle. All six required CEUs can be earned through online/web session CEUs per certification cycle.

Enter your name and certification number as they appear in your online profile and print out the certificate of completion after passing each quiz for your personal records.

There is no online record of technicians who have passed each quiz, so if you do not save or print out the certificate or if it becomes damaged or lost, you must retake the quiz.

To save a copy of your certificate, click “Print this certificate” and choose “Save as PDF” as the printing destination. You can also right click on the certificate and select “Save Image.” In the event your certificate does not auto-populate with your name, certification number, date of completion, etc., try these steps:

  • Check your browser (Chrome seems to work for most people)
  • Clear your web browser’s cache, cookies and history
  • Be sure your internet connection is strong and that you are not blocked by any workplace restrictions

After earning your CEU, log in to your CPS Online Profile, click on Recertification Activities and follow prompts to enter the CEU under “Category 4: Online/Web Sessions.”


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*Presenter content is not a statement from the National Child Passenger Safety Board.

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Tips on How to Earn CEUs for Recertification