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Digital Car Seat Check Form

What is this?

To capture data electronically at car seat check events, the National Safety Council has led an effort to develop a standardized National Digital Car Seat Check Form (NDCF) in partnership with Tennessee Tech University iCube, participating child passenger safety technicians (CPSTs), with support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah.

Nationally certified child passenger safety technicians (CPSTs) and instructors can input data directly into this digital form and then use the information collected to monitor trends and highlight issues encountered in the field. This new optional resource has been developed by technicians for technicians, and can be used three different ways once CPSTs create a free user account.*


  1. Conduct a car seat check using the web-based digital car seat check form.
  • Access to the internet is needed for this option.**
  • A laptop, tablet or cell phone can be used. (Any device with internet access.)
  • Check form can be customized with agency-specific liability statements. Email info@carseatcheckform.org for assistance.
  • CPSTs are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the National Digital Car Seat Check Form before using it with families.
    • Learn how to create a “Training” form.
  • Short tutorial videos to help CPSTs create a new car seat check form, find supporting resources and learn additional information can be found in the National Digital Car Seat Check Form playlist on the NCPSB YouTube channel.
  2. Use the corresponding paper check form.
  • Find the most current PDF of this car seat check form in the RESOURCES tab once logged in to a user account.
  • Entering paper check form information in to the digital system allows CPSTs to easily export data for reporting.
  • The web-based check form does not collect parent and caregiver PII. Utilizing one of two available paper forms allows CPSTs to collect this information if needed locally.
  • PDF check forms can be customized with agency-specific liability statements. Email: info@carseatcheckform.org 

  3. Mobile App – Now Available!

  • Allows CPSTs to conduct a car seat check WITHOUT access to the internet while using an electronic device.
  • Multiple inspections can be conducted while offline.
  • Once the electronic device is connected to the internet, car seat check information uploads to the CPST’s user account and is stored.
  • Review this App How-to Guide and supporting tutorial video.


This is a free, optional resource for currently certified child passenger safety technicians and instructors.*** CPSTs and Instructors are invited to create an account, explore the car seat check form and be sure to carefully read the Terms of Use. Technician and instructor feedback is encouraged. To submit feedback, log in and click the “REPORT FEEDBACK” tab on the menu at the top of the page.


*Allow 3-5 business days for new user account approval. CPSTs will need to upload a copy of their current certification card. To find your certification card, visit the Safe Kids Certification How To page at:  http://cert.safekids.org/resources-faqs/how-to

**Electronic devices and data plans are not provided.

***At this time, Safe Kids Buckle Up Coalitions are required to continue using the branded Safe Kids paper checklist form for all registered events and inspection stations.