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Recorded Instructor Webinar: New Curriculum Orientation (January 21, 2014)

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National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program

National Child Passenger Safety Certification Renewal Course 

Child Passenger Safety Instructor Development Course

Operation Kids: The Next Generation

2014 Course Materials 

These files are provided for Certified Instructors and Instructor Candidates only.  Do not post or share them with anyone else.  IF you do, your CPS Certification will be at risk.  They are not for the public.

These files are very large, especially the PPTs.  You may want to download it in parts rather than the entire folder at one time.  Your patience while the files download is appreciated.

Each Instructor should have now received a DVD and Instructor Guide (IG) from the National Safety Council (NSC).

For 2014 Renewal Course materials, please click on the Renewal Course heading above.

Renewal Course materials are included on the new Instructor DVDs that each Instructor has received with the new 2014 Instructor materials.