Catch Up on Demand

This is the place where CPS state coordinators can catch up on news and learn about ideas shared during meetings with members of the National Child Passenger Safety Board. Watch video recordings of these meetings and make plans to join us in the future. You’ve heard it said: Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. Our vision — like yours — is to save lives and prevent injuries by promoting child passenger safety through education, mentorship, engagement and innovation.

Recorded Presentations

Technician Retention (December 2020): Four members of the National CPS Certification team (Shushanna Mignott, Stephanie Heitch, Debbie Landoskey and Wardell Bonner) talk about new procedures in place for CPS Technicians to earn CEUs during the COVID-19 pandemic and explain how they can assist CPS Coordinators in retaining Techs. Then, Bevan Kirley and Allan Buchanan provide examples of how they work to retain Technicians in North Carolina. Consider their presentation a glimpse at what works as far as retaining Technicians in their neck of the woods. Watch and get ideas you can use in your own programs.

It’s a Three-For-All Featuring One Very Special Guest (November 2020): One hour, three presentations:

  1. National Transportation Safety Board Member Michael Graham connects with state coordinators and CPS advocates by voicing his commitment to occupant protection. He also explains what types of motor vehicle crashes the NTSB typically investigates and outlines the primary aspects of crash-site investigations, including human performance, road conditions and vehicle factors.
  2. Westat Project Director Adele Polson provides a National Digital Car Seat Check Form update and asks state coordinators for help identifying what data would be most beneficial for them in completing reports or securing grant dollars.
  3. National Child Passenger Safety Board Secretariat Tammy Franks concludes with a talk about tools, surveys and topics for future discussion.

CPS Resources, Data and National Digital Car Seat Check Form (October 2020): In this session, National Child Passenger Safety Board Vice Chair Mandi Seethaler serves as the moderator and guides state coordinators through a packed agenda. Items discussed:

  • New CPS resources (Tammy Franks)
  • Data committee report (Denise Donaldson)
  • National Digital Car Seat Check Form (Amy Artuso, Jennifer Booge, Adele Polson)

Potpourri: CPS Week, Tech & Instructor Recertification and National Digital Car Seat Check Form (August 2020): Mandi Seethaler, vice chair of the National Child Passenger Safety Board, introduces the agenda and sets the tone for the Board’s monthly call with State Coordinators. Watch to find out about:

  • CPS Week NHTSA (Laura Dunn, NHTSA Headquarters; Judy Hammond, NHTSA Regions)
  • CPS Month Safe Kids Worldwide (Alexis Kagiliery, Safe Kids Coalitions)
  • Technician and Instructor Recertification (Kerry Chausmer, National CPS Certification)
  • National Digital Car Seat Check Form (Amy Artuso, National Safety Council, and NDCF Team)

COVID-19 CPST Certification Courses & Virtual Seat Check Sign-Offs (July 2020): Sidney Bradley (Vermont), Mandi Summers (Massachusetts), Helen Arbogast (California), Cesi Velez (Washington) and Tracy Whitman (Maryland) share COVID-19 classroom instruction tactics and virtual seat check sign-off strategies. Whitman and Bradley also have provided documents that can be used as models for your program.

Classroom COVID-19 Mitigation Best Practices (June 2020): Mandi Seethler, vice chair of the National Child Passenger Safety Board, leads a roundtable discussion with state CPS coordinators on COVID-19 mitigation practices for National CPST Certification Courses.

Worth Repeating: Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much (May 2020): Lt. Lonny Haschel, chair of the National Child Passenger Safety Board, leads a roundtable discussion with CPS state coordinators. He provides a brief overview and history of the Board and steers the discussion toward collaborating with state coordinators to boost child passenger safety efforts across the country.