Individual Student Manual Chapters

Front and Back Covers


Chapter 1: Learn, Practice, Explain

Chapter 2: Basics of Injury Prevention & Crash Dynamics

Chapter 3: Who Makes the Rules?

Chapter 4: Seat Belt Systems with Pre-Crash Locking Features

Chapter 5: Seat Belt Systems without Pre-Crash Locking Features

Chapter 6: Vehicle LATCH – Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children

Chapter 7: Other Vehicle Occupant Protection Systems

Chapter 8: Introduction to Child Restraints

Chapter 9: Rear-Facing Child Restraints

Chapter 10: Children in Forward-Facing Child Restraints

Chapter 11: Children in Booster Seats

Chapter 12: Kids in Seat Belts

Chapter 13: Child Passenger Safety in Other Vehicles/Modes of Transportation

Chapter 14: In the Field

Appendix: Supplementary Materials

Appendix: Glossaries and Index