During the 2022 Membership application cycle, the National Child Passenger Safety Board is seeking to fill the following position:

Public Health/Research Representative: 2022-2025

  • This Member position represents a public health or research organization that provides programming in the community or non-healthcare setting.
  • Current child passenger safety certification is not required.
  • The three-year term of service for this position begins in May 2022 and ends in May 2025.
  • Past NCPSB field representatives are not eligible to apply.

How to Apply

The 2022 Membership application cycle will be open from May 24, 2021, until July 30, 2021 (5 p.m. PST). Complete the online Membership application form, including sections asking for the following:

  • Applicant information
  • Two professional references
  • Acknowledgements
  • Resume or CV

Submit Detailed Answers:

  • Why you would like to become a Member of the NCPSB?
  • Describe your involvement with child passenger safety as both an individual and within your organization.
  • Describe the stakeholders with whom you work with in your community as well as at the state and national level.
  • All Members are required to serve on at least two committees in addition to the Curriculum Committee. Give three examples of how your skills, knowledge and/or expertise will assist the committees in carrying out the Board’s mission.
  • Briefly describe how you inspire, motivate and work with others.
  • Explain how you work within a team environment where tasks are divided and shared among multiple stakeholders.
  • Briefly explain how you will utilize your network as a Board Member to seek feedback from and give information to the local, state and national communities with which you work (i.e. fire, emergency medical services, law enforcement.)
  • Please include any past and present professional affiliations at the local, state and national level. Describe your contributions to these organizations, including your role in the organization, committees on which you served or led, projects to which you contributed or led, etc. Include in your description the dates of your membership and specific information about your contributions.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


Contact the NCPSB Secretariat at [email protected].