Next Steps in Evidence-Based Prevention

The National Safety Council, in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has developed the Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke Stakeholder Workgroup to study and develop countermeasures to prevent child hot car injuries and deaths.

Members focus on legislative/policy change, technology development and education/outreach. The workgroup is comprised of individuals from different educational, professional and community-based backgrounds, all striving to bring a Safe Systems approach to PVH prevention.

The Pediatric Vehicular Stakeholder Workgroup is always seeking input from new voices. If you are interested in being a part of this safety solution, please contact Claudia Summers, NSC program manager: [email protected]

Progress of Workgroup

The PVH Stakeholders Workgroup meets regularly.

Here you can watch recordings of past meetings and get up-to-date on the group’s progress:

April 23, 2024: Amy Artuso, Katie Mueller and Claudia Summers of the National Safety Council kick off the meeting of the PVH Stakeholders Workgroup with subcommittee reports on research, technology and communications. Then, Valerie Trammel of VI Marketing and Branding, talks about how to use communication skills and techniques to effectively deliver your safety message. The meeting concludes with a look forward to upcoming PVH Stakeholder Group activities and a look ahead to the upcoming meeting schedule.

Watch the recording: Kids and Hot Cars – How to Deliver Your Safety Message

Jan. 9, 2024: During a meeting of the PVH Academic Stakeholders Workgroup, Dr. Emily Thomas, manager of auto safety at Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center, delivers a presentation on rear-occupant alert evaluations. She leads the occupant protection and vulnerable road users safety programs, including the child car seat program and rear-seat safety evaluations for all of Consumer Reports’ new test vehicles.

Also covered during the meeting:

  • Member activities
  • Subcommittee reports
  • Looking forward (next full workgroup meeting)

National Safety Council Program Manager Claudia Summers serves as emcee for the session. Watch the recording.

Oct. 10, 2023: National Safety Council Program Manager Claudia Summers kicks off the meeting of the Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke Academic Stakeholders Workgroup with new attendee introductions. This is followed by a recap from the last quarterly meeting, a report-out from subcommittee members and then a presentation from Paul Scullion (Alliance for Automotive Innovation). Watch the recording.

Full Playlist

If you’ve missed a meeting or want to review an older session, please click here to see the full playlist.