This is a photograph of a Child Passenger Safety Technician working with a caregiver during a virtual seat check.Virtual car seat checks are one of the ways parents and caregivers can connect with Child Passenger Safety Technicians. To do this, first identify a virtual conferencing platform that will work for you such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Plan Ahead

  • Set the time and date for the virtual car seat check meeting
  • Give the parent or caregiver homework: What is the child’s height and weight? What is the make, model and expiration date on the car seat?
  • Ask the parent or caregiver to park their vehicle in a well-lit location, direct them to pre-test the location for internet connectivity issues and to have both the vehicle and car seat owner’s manuals within easy reach
  • Have resources available to demonstrate proper installation techniques on camera
  • Remember, careful documentation and a liability release waiver remain important

Download these free resources and get more tips to make a difficult job easier:

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Turn a virtual meeting with a parent or caregiver into an opportunity to provide education and help them keep their children safe.