A child passenger safety technician teaches a caregiver how to install his car seat.A report from the National Safety Council calls for the National Digital Car Seat Check Form to be more widely implemented by agencies and certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. The report highlights a number of key findings that point to the benefits of using the National Digital Car Seat Check Form:

  • Car seat check data can be used to educate parents and caregivers, inform public safety communication campaigns and identify gaps in transportation safety for children
  • Technicians using the form are more efficient and can conduct more safety checks
  • Car seat manufacturers and automakers will be able to make informed decisions to enhance the design of their products because they can freely access critical car seat check data based on use of their products by families

The National Digital Car Seat Check Form is free to use for all U.S.-certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and is housed on a HIPAA-compliant server.

Download and print the report: Standardized Digital Data Collection Provides Better Data to Advance Child Safety in Vehicles.