Get information, free resources and supporting documents to assist your work with the National Digital Car Seat Check Form, commonly referred to as the NDCF.

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If your agency is new to the NDCF or not found in the current Agency list and would like to begin collecting car seat inspection data specific to your agency, we’ll guide you every step of the way.  Learn how to get started here:

The NDCF is referenced in the National CPST Certification Training and is permissible. If the NDCF is selected as the car seat check form to be used in the training, students will use the paper version of the NDCF. Get more info:

Program managers can utilize car seat check data collected to monitor trends, track seat distribution, and accurately report seat check activity. Data collected can be used to support local level education and safety messaging. Get more info:

The following chart provides guidance on car seat check scenarios:

The NDCF can be used as follows:

  • Web-based platform on a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Mobile app on a tablet or smartphone
  • Paper form data collection, followed by data input

Get more info: Quick Reference Guide for Use Methods