Collect Data & Put it to Use

Nationally certified child passenger safety technicians and instructors can input data collected at car seat check events into the National Digital Car Seat Check Form (NDCF) and then use that data to monitor trends and highlight issues encountered in the field.

Data can be input using a mobile app or tablet device. Visit to create an account.

The form is intended to streamline the car seat check process and lead to additional advantages:

  • Elimination of the paper trail that resulted from technicians keeping “paper archives”
  • CPS organizations can access data immediately and use findings to assist in development of educational materials and fundraising efforts
  • Car seat and vehicle manufacturers will be able to make use of data to identify gaps and make product improvements

The standardized form was developed by Tennessee Tech University iCube in an effort led by the National Safety Council and its partners, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah.

Resources to Support Use of the NDCF

New Information:

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The NDCF is transforming the way child passenger safety technicians (CPSTs) record, track, and retrieve car seat check data. These webinars provide an update about this free resource as presenters share innovative ways data collection is enhancing child passenger safety (CPS) programs locally and nationally.

The research firm Westat has implemented a robust data analysis and shares highlights of the field data collected from CPSTs nationally, including the first look at an overall misuse rate, most common errors by child restraint type, and other findings of interest. Learn how child restraint and vehicle manufacturers are using NDCF data to track trends and identify patterns of misuse that can ultimately result in changes to enhance product effectiveness.

For a limited time post-webinar survey links will be available to collect feedback from NDCF users and non-users to aid the NDCF program team in enhancing this resource for technicians as it continues to evolve and meet the needs of as many CPSTs as possible. We hope you will consider submitting your feedback. Thank you in advance!

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