(Note: The Diversity Resource Library referenced on page 12-3 of the Technician Guide for the National Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification Training has been upgraded to the Resource Center as listed below.)

Below are resources to help support community child passenger safety outreach efforts.

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Get Materials

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides free traffic safety marketing tools. The tools are intended for you to use to promote items such as child passenger safety, distracted driving awareness and seat belt safety.

Dig into these free resources and enhance your highway safety efforts with free images, social media graphics and web videos. There is even a car seat safety toolkit: Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe.

NHTSA Image Galleries

NHTSA Buckle Up Toolkits

Child Passenger Safety Week

Car Seat Info in English & Other Languages

Child Passenger Safety English – Spanish Translation of Terms


Car Seats and Booster Seats – English

Safe Kids Worldwide

Basic Car Seat Safety Checklist
Arabic, Chinese, Dari, French, German, Haitian, Hmong, Korean, Pashto, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese

American Academy for Pediatrics

Car Seat Information for Families – English

Automotive Safety Program: Indiana University School of Medicine

Restraints for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Brochures – English

Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hip Cast, Low Birth Weight and Premature Infants

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Child Passenger Safety – English

National Library of Medicine

Safety with Car Seats and Booster Seats
Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin dialect), Chinese (Cantonese dialect), French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese

A CPS coordinator wears many hats, connecting people with goods and services. Learn more about this unique position, find state contacts and learn state CPS laws: Your Touchpoint to Child Passenger Safety.

Get harmonized statements from the Manufacturers Alliance on Child Passenger Safety to align your marketing efforts. Topics include:

  • Car seat expiration dates
  • Accessories/non-regulated products
  • Recline angle indicators
  • Installing adjacent car seats
  • Car seats gate-checked or checked as luggage
  • Car seats and recreational vehicles

Get the talking points you need: Harmonized Statements for CPS Technicians/Instructors

Join us in observing Child Passenger Safety Week and National Seat Check Saturday during the third week of September. Educate parents and caregivers about the importance of protecting kids while they travel in car seats and booster seats. Help them answer this question: When does my child move into a seat belt? Get educational flyers, car seat icons and images, fact sheets and social media graphics to support your safety initiatives.

Access free materials here: Child Passenger Safety Week.

The State of Injury and Violence Prevention in Health Departments and Hospitals

Safe States Alliance conducted an evaluation to gather information from state and local health departments and hospital-based IVP programs about the impact of the COVID-19 response on IVP infrastructure and activities, with particular emphasis on ensuing effects on equity.

Explore six key findings and targeted recommendations with actionable steps for national, state and local partners:

Use this guide from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to:

  • Define a CPS inspection station
  • Examine the need for a permanent CPS inspection station
  • Address the importance of building community support for a CPS inspection station
  • Discuss the key elements of a successful CPS inspection station
  • Identify resources for implementing and maintaining CPS inspection stations

Download now: A Guide to Implementing Child Passenger Safety Inspection Stations

What qualities identify a good teacher? Here is betting you can rattle them off the top of your head. You are a strong communicator. You listen well. You are adaptable. And you are a life-long learner.

Sure, you can add more items to that list. Instead, let’s focus on your own learning. And let’s look at some of the tools that will help you succeed in teaching the latest version of the national standardized curriculum used to train certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.

All Right Here: Teaching aids and instructional videos are organized here by module and follow the natural progression of classroom instruction.

The National Digital Car Seat Check Form, commonly referred to as the NDCF, is a free tool that enables nationally certified car seat technicians and instructors to collect data and then use that data to monitor trends, highlight issues encountered in the field and seek program funding support.

  • Get answers to FAQs
  • Learn how to create an account
  • Watch tutorial videos
  • Access a digital user guide for Web and Apps
  • What is the NDCF Table Tool and how does it work?

Everything You Want to Know Lives Right Here: National Digital Car Seat Check Form

Car crashes are the second-leading cause of death for children under the age of 1 and the leading cause of death for kids and young adults from ages 1-24, according to the National Safety Council. Children need special protection in vehicles to keep them safe in the event of a crash. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to devote time to learn how to properly use car seats, booster seats and seat belts.

Car Seat Recalls

Many car seat safety recalls are issued because seats do not meet federal safety standards or are related to crashworthiness. Click on links below to check if your seat is under recall:

Vehicle Recalls

Millions of vehicles on the road today have open recalls. Fixing them is free. Click on links below to learn if your vehicle is under recall:

Check To Protect and Child Passenger Safety

Learn how Check To Protect can be rolled into the education and training you provide parents and caregivers at car seat check events.

Nice and Easy

Use our ready-made social media posts to connect with parents and caregivers on your channels.

Get started here: Social Media Library.

Technicians: This Section is for You

  • Learn how to handle uncommon situations
  • Check out 10 job aids for Techs
  • Watch refresher installation videos
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest CPS news

All Right Here: Put Your Training to Work

Children who have medical conditions or that have undergone medical procedures deserve to be protected when riding in vehicles just like other kids. Often, this requires special consideration when selecting car seats and restraints.

The Indiana University School of Medicine is a great place to find answers to almost all of your questions regarding child restraint options and training opportunities for caregivers and providers:

Get the Toolkit

Certified child passenger safety technicians can use free resources in the Safe Kids Worldwide Special Needs In-Service Toolkit to teach occupational therapists, physical therapists and hospital personnel how to safely transport children with special needs.