Research indicates children are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely when riding a bus instead of traveling by car. Still, the trip for our little ones could be even safer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates four to six children die every year in school bus crashes. If all buses were equipped with seat belts, NHTSA estimates that number could be cut in half.

Child Passenger Safety Instructors and Technicians can play an important role in preparing school support staff — bus drivers, monitors and paraprofessionals — to transport and secure children properly in buses. Here is how: Update your credentials and then teach the NHTSA 8-Hour Training Course: Child Passenger Safety Restraint Systems on School Buses.

Or attend a course to boost your skills. This training addresses the unique issues of installing child safety restraint systems on school buses. You do not need to be nationally certified child passenger safety technician to take this course.

  • Order printed copies of the NHTSA 8-Hour Training: Child Passenger Safety Restraint Systems on School Buses (instructor and participant manuals)
  • Download the training participant manual
  • Keep track: Use this class sign-in sheet to gather contact information and remain in touch with students

CPSTs that serve as Instructors should contact the National Child Passenger Safety Board Curriculum Representative for more information and/or to submit participant names so that this training is reflected in CPST certification profiles. (See sign-in sheet provided above).

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